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How To Discipline Your Child?

When disciplining a child, does he approach others to find a partner,
especially his grandmother or grandfather?


Maybe some of our moms and dads are experiencing this.
That when we do not discipline our children, they will
run to their grandparents because they know that they
are on the side of their grandparents.


Why is that? It may be that there are times when children see their
grandparents as opposed to us.


For us, what we did was we talked to the grandparents (both sides)
of our child. That we do not contradict or sew in front of our child.


Because we may lose our “authority” as parents in the eyes of the
child. (This also applies to parents. If Dad is the one who
disciplines, Mom should not contract in front of the child.
And vice versa).


But when the child is not in front of us, we listen to the
suggestions of their grandparents out of respect for them
and we also learned something from them (of course, my husband
and I raised them hehe. And as parents, there are also things
to learn. we are with another parent).


But in the end, it is still up to us how we raise our children.

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